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NLP Generative Processes Create Magical Insights

NLP Generative Processes Create Magical Insights

NLP Generative ProcessesBy now, many of you have learned the unique role Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has played in providing insights into the many ways our brain gathers information about the world around us.

I explore a more sophisticated process which addresses how you’ll be able to perceive your outcome from many perspectives. This is no ordinary A-B-C presentation.  Instead: Think Star Trek or NLP Generative Processes.

Ground yourself into space where creativity enters

Imagine a scenario where a highly skilled scriptwriter has been contracted to write a script for a film where the main character contacts a person from civilization in the distant future. Following the tradition of NLP, the scriptwriter might, for example, literally “stand” on a piece of paper marked “Gandalf the Wizard” to gather potential insights into this character as if they were viewing it from Gandalf’s perspective. Why stand on a piece of paper, you ask? Because in NLP Generative Processes, this grounds you into space where creativity enters. Here, you access the old wizard’s values and visions.

Similarly, she may also stand on a sign marked “Benedict Cumberbatch,” to reflect on that actor’s potential in the role as Gandalf. Or, she may want to see herself through the eyes of someone with absolutely no association to the project whatsoever, as an observer, to assess her approach to the entire concept.

Resolve contradictions or conflicts with NLP Generative Processes

In our daily lives, sometimes we need access to different resources, whether creative or technical. At that moment, they appear to be beyond our reach. Accessing different resources is where someone steps into what is called The Future Marble, where you can locate resources from the future to help resolve contradictions or conflicts with the project in its current state.

There are many additional features to the NLP Generative Process, which aren’t included here when you approach how to work with unique ideas and concepts differently; many creative doors open to you.

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How Your DNA Shapes Your Physical Reality

How Your DNA Shapes Your Physical Reality

FULL Disclosure: To be in complete integrity, I should let you know that several paragraphs closely reflect information that has appeared in recent scientific publications. Nevertheless, I wish to disclose the fascinating results of the study below. Thank you for your understanding.

We believe our thoughts change how our reality unfolds daily. Up until now, this has undergone some speculation and consideration. We think we might have a cold, and within 24 hours we’re ill. We’re afraid our son’s team will lose the Friday night football game and the opposing team wins.How Your DNA Shapes Your Physical Reality

Your subconscious mind is aware of feelings and events before they reach your conscious awareness

On a subtle level, many of you have already learned that your subconscious mind is aware of feelings and events before they reach your conscious awareness. Unfortunately, this is what happened to me at the age of 16, when my subconscious showed me a vision of my older brother dying in a car accident.

DNA can be affected by the emotions of a human being standing nearby

Recently, I was astounded to learn that through testing, scientists have confirmed that living DNA can be affected by the emotions of a human being standing nearby.

Results of three rounds of DNA experiments

During the first round of tests, DNA was removed from one subject and placed in a vial, near the second subject. Scientists then performed tests on the DNA to stimulate various emotional responses. Surprisingly, the DNA responded to the stimulus exactly as it was applied.

It was also proven that positive stimulus caused the DNA to relax, while negative stimulus caused the DNA to tighten up. Consider, for example, that you woke up feeling grumpy and discovered a huge branch fell in the backyard. This might underscore that your DNA may be affected by some form of negativity (whether conscious or subconscious in origin).

Meanwhile, scientists performed a second round of tests, as they isolated white blood cells, so they could measure the electrical charges the DNA had received to remove the emotional stimulus. Once again, the peaks and valleys of the DNA stimulus exactly matched that of the subjects. The DNA was taken 50 miles away from the donors to confirm the accuracy of these results. The result? The DNA response still matched that of the original donor. When I had the vision of my brother Andy, he was 2,500 miles away.

The third experiment was even more striking. Scientists placed human DNA into a vacuum of light photons that were behaving randomly. However, when the human DNA was inserted, the photons stopped acting randomly but followed the geometry of the DNA.

What does this all mean?

We are all highly connected, and the more we reach out to work together, to tackle seriously large problems, the more successful we will be.


Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Being Alive is Not Always How You Perceive It

I know you are receptive to making a change in your life; otherwise, you would have never sought out my services. That being said, we all hold different religious or spiritual beliefs. If what I’m about to say offends you in any way, I would completely respect your right to quit reading this particular newsletter.

On the other hand, you might be very intrigued…

Many of us believe we’re born, we go through life, perhaps we get married, have children (or not), and then we die. That’s our one and only life. And if we’ve treated others well, we ascend to heaven.

Others amongst us believe we’ve incarnated on this earth before. It may have been in a completely different country and a very different period. Some authors have written of these experiences, mentioning how deeply they were affected by what they learned about themselves in that life. Some claimed that the knowledge they gained actually changed how they behaved in this life.

Although I rarely discuss Past Life Regression with my clients, I’d like to share a true story concerning a client who spontaneously, while in hypnosis, went into another dimension of existence.

This client was at a crossroads both personally and professionally, which was making her sad.

One day she mentioned feeling very sad when she stood by the side of a river near her home, at the age of 4. Her parents stood beside her, and she had a very strong feeling of wanting to die.

Spontaneously, I asked her to take that feeling deeper into herself. “Perhaps that feeling would lead you somewhere,” I suggested. Suddenly she had a vision in her mind of being a girl around age 7, in the midst of a European village around the late 14th Century. The bubonic plague had swept through the village, taking all her family members. She was crying – desperate and alone. By this time, she was completely connected to this unsolicited memory.

Suddenly, out of the woods walked a wolf. The wolf stood beside her and coaxed her to follow him. He appeared to want to help this orphaned child, leading her into a wolf den in the backwoods, where she would have food, shelter, and safety from the plague. Several years went by in her life with the wolves.

One day, people began returning to the village to work and cultivate food. The elder wolf who had been her friend now encouraged her to return to her people in the village. Her life after being with her wolf family was still hard, yet she persisted and eventually got married. The wolves had literally saved her life. Years later, she became so tired she lay down next to the river in the village. She was ready to die, and an elder wolf came to the edge of the forest to see her off onto her journey.

After experiencing this most unusual memory, my client felt a deep sense of relief from the depression she had previously been feeling. A pack of wolves, in fact, had restored her hope and her belief in human nature.

Have you ever felt like you may have lived a past life? I can help you experience it through past life regression. Set up a complimentary appointment and let’s see where you’ve lived in previous lives.

Warriors, Settlers & Nomads – Ancient Ancestor Influencers (Part Two)

Warriors, Settlers & Nomads – Ancient Ancestor Influencers (Part Two)

In part one, I discussed Terence Watts’ unique theory concerning who our Ancient Ancestors were. Including how they lived and how they exhibited unique traits across three distinctly different behavioral groups (Warriors, Settlers, and Nomads).

To recap:Warriors, Settlers & Nomads

  • Warriors are decisive, strategic thinkers, and determined to reach their goals.
  • Settlers are outgoing, sociable, and creative. They also seek approval from others.
  • Nomads are independently-minded, creative, and are resistant to authority.

Here’s where the fun (or the challenge) comes in –  and why the Warriors, Settlers and Nomads concept (WSN for short) is so revealing.

Here’s an example of the Warriors, Settlers, Nomads Concept

My neighbor’s daughter, who was adopted at age 2, turned out to be largely a Nomad. She had difficulty with authority both at school and at home. As a teenager, she ran away from home frequently, sometimes staying away for days on end.

Meanwhile, her mother became more assertive and protective, as a Warrior would. They often clashed, as the Warrior mom was doing her best to protect a Nomad girl who neither wanted nor needed protection. Once I explained the inherent conflict between a Warrior mother and Nomadic daughter, she became more understanding and began to use language that a Nomad would be more inclined to accept, thereby diminishing conflict.

Learning WSN can empower you and enhance your communication skills in the following situations…

  1. You’re a Settler boss, but you have a Warrior employee. How do you keep him motivated while preventing conflict with other employees?
  2. You can be a Settler amongst your friends and family, but a Warrior at work. A friend of mine works in the IT Department for a well-known company in Portland.  She’s a Warrior at her job. However, her boss is a Nomad. The boss is unsure of herself and often defers to her team for suggestions, yet she won’t utilize their ideas. This drives my friend crazy. With a very insecure Nomad for a boss, I advised her, it might be time to look elsewhere for a new job.

The Warriors, Settlers, Nomads concept is an excellent tool for helping improve your communication with others as well as helping you adopt new traits that weren’t part of your inherited traits.

If you would like to try it out, sign up for a complimentary session today!

How Your Ancient Ancestors Influence Who You Are Today (Part 1)

How Your Ancient Ancestors Influence Who You Are Today (Part 1)

We rarely think of exactly how our ancient ancestors managed to survive the extremely harsh conditions of gathering food, hunting wooly mammoths, childbirth, and avoiding disease. While the odds of survival were much less likely than today, those who did make it had incredibly strong willpower.

The concept I’m about to share with you was introduced to me a few years ago by Terence Watts, whose reputation many of you are familiar with. Instinct is a very strong determinant of behavior. This is evidenced by the fact that a specific species of sea turtles have laid their eggs on the exact same beach for thousands of years.

Instinct played an equally important role in the evolution of Neanderthals. Yet, as they wandered the terrain of Eurasia, this group of primitive humans could be divided into 3 groups, each exhibiting strong behavioral characteristics:

  1. Some aggressively defended their group from invading marauders at all costs
  2. Some formed communities in fertile areas to grow food, but were less likely to defend themselves
  3. Some preferred to wander off alone or in very small groups, following their own rules for survival.

These three ancestral groups could be broadly categorized as:

  1. Warriors
  2. Settlers
  3. Nomads

Given the evolution of each group over time, various distinct behavioral traits emerged among each group. Warriors exhibited tendencies to be determined, decisive and strategic thinkers. Settlers were creative, sought approval from others, and tended to avoid conflict. Nomads could be very individualistic, charismatic, and anti-authoritative.

It’s quite likely that your personality contains dominant characteristics from one of these three groups, while also containing some traits from the remaining two groups.

No one group is more important than the other two. Yet, as you become more aware of the traits you possess as a Warrior, Settler or Nomad, you may find yourself wondering how you can become a better parent, be more creative or be more decisive by adopting characteristics from one of these three groups.

I invite you to explore this very important concept and to reach out to me with any of your thoughts or questions. I’ll be revealing even more ideas about this in the near future.

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