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Confidence Hypnosis, Portland, OR

Confidence HypnosisBoost Self Esteem through Confidence Hypnosis

I think we could all agree that possessing a healthy dose of self-confidence helps you feel a whole lot happier in your life, right? Sometimes however, even for the most confident person, there’s often an area where you lack confidence.

For instance, “I know I’m doing well in my job, yet why can’t I ever seem to find a compatible partner?” Rarely are we successful in every single area of our lives. Nevertheless, these personal struggles with self-doubt also present opportunities for huge personal growth.

Confidence Hypnosis Connects You to Your Motivation

Hypnotherapy is empowering because it connects you to what really motivates you in life. We are happiest when pursuing activities we’re excited or passionate about. Often that passion becomes forgotten amidst the responsibilities of daily life. I’ve seen many clients stuck in dead-end careers, searching for the EXIT door.

Find Your Hidden Passion Deep in Your Subconscious

Often many alternative choices lie hidden in your creative subconscious. For example, you may re-discover something you excelled at in high school, or recall a chance encounter with someone offering partnership in a new enterprise. Your subconscious also enables you to identify your innate strengths and abilities, providing the initiative to create a powerful shift forward. Naturally, this process applies to enhancing your confidence in many areas, ranging from public speaking to learning a new language or writing your first novel.

How will you help me become more confident?

First, confidence hypnosis is used to help you become very deeply relaxed so you can release the emotional charge of old sabotaging experiences and allow you to get off to a fresh start. Additional sessions featuring hypnotherapy and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) enhance your emotional connection to feeling more confident while helping you identify professional interests and latent talents that ignite your inner passion.

How many sessions will it take for me to become more confident?

Normally, it takes three to four sessions for you to experience significantly greater confidence in yourself, on many levels. The actual number of sessions will vary based upon each client’s needs.

How do I get best results with Confidence Hypnosis?

One of the extra bonuses I provide all of my clients is an MP3 or CD recording of each session. Being diligent about listening to your session recording several times is very important to your commitment to follow through.  As the suggestions you receive while in hypnosis take deeper root, your self-esteem becomes much stronger.

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