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Life is Precious

We live in extraordinary times. Yet, it’s not very easy. It seems us humans haven’t exactly been the best stewards of our environment. Nor are we doing a great job of getting along with one another. Fortunately, this may be one of those times when extraordinary changes emerge from the chaos.

Which is why my spirits rose when I ran across one of Churchill’s famous quotes:

“Success is not final. Failure is not fatal. It is the urge to continue that counts.”

But it was the second part of that quote that impacted me the most: “Failure is not fatal.” We may fail once; perhaps more than once. Yet success will eventually push through. More importantly, when success rushes in, like someone who’s just narrowly escaped from a near-fatal exit, how will you spread the message that yours was a game-changer…that it somehow broke the conventional rules, establishing a new normal for what we can experience in the future?

Feeling the Pain

Two presenters from South Africa stunned me when I attended the Second Annual BWRT Congress in London this past May. It’s not just about violence; it’s that violence is a daily part of life in the townships where the poor and disenfranchised live. Unfortunately, children are often the victims. It was evident the South Africans attending the conference felt the pain while trying to be upbeat.

BWRT therapy can help with emotional trauma

That’s why I was so impressed when Bradley Knight, a school psychologist, used BWRT therapy to de-traumatize a young girl who went to buy food for her sister and grandmother. For safety reasons, she locked the apartment door. When she returned home, she discovered the flat had caught fire. Unfortunately, both had perished in the unexpected fire.

BWRT TherapyTraditional talk therapy might take many sessions to lower such intense trauma sensations within a client. However, within a few sessions of BWRT, Bradley helped her overcome the sensations of terror and panic she was experiencing. A few weeks later, he visited her and found that, remarkably, she was much calmer, and now felt safe.

Major Basil May, a clinical psychotherapist in the South African National Army, routinely uses BWRT therapy amongst the military and veterans for grief issues, addiction and anger management.

Like a flower blooming in the middle of the sidewalk, HOPE can spring in the most unlikely of places.

And that day gave me more hope than I had bargained for.

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