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Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Being Alive is Not Always How You Perceive It

I know you are receptive to making a change in your life; otherwise, you would have never sought out my services. That being said, we all hold different religious or spiritual beliefs. If what I’m about to say offends you in any way, I would completely respect your right to quit reading this particular newsletter.

On the other hand, you might be very intrigued…

Many of us believe we’re born, we go through life, perhaps we get married, have children (or not), and then we die. That’s our one and only life. And if we’ve treated others well, we ascend to heaven.

Others amongst us believe we’ve incarnated on this earth before. It may have been in a completely different country and a very different period. Some authors have written of these experiences, mentioning how deeply they were affected by what they learned about themselves in that life. Some claimed that the knowledge they gained actually changed how they behaved in this life.

Although I rarely discuss Past Life Regression with my clients, I’d like to share a true story concerning a client who spontaneously, while in hypnosis, went into another dimension of existence.

This client was at a crossroads both personally and professionally, which was making her sad.

One day she mentioned feeling very sad when she stood by the side of a river near her home, at the age of 4. Her parents stood beside her, and she had a very strong feeling of wanting to die.

Spontaneously, I asked her to take that feeling deeper into herself. “Perhaps that feeling would lead you somewhere,” I suggested. Suddenly she had a vision in her mind of being a girl around age 7, in the midst of a European village around the late 14th Century. The bubonic plague had swept through the village, taking all her family members. She was crying – desperate and alone. By this time, she was completely connected to this unsolicited memory.

Suddenly, out of the woods walked a wolf. The wolf stood beside her and coaxed her to follow him. He appeared to want to help this orphaned child, leading her into a wolf den in the backwoods, where she would have food, shelter, and safety from the plague. Several years went by in her life with the wolves.

One day, people began returning to the village to work and cultivate food. The elder wolf who had been her friend now encouraged her to return to her people in the village. Her life after being with her wolf family was still hard, yet she persisted and eventually got married. The wolves had literally saved her life. Years later, she became so tired she lay down next to the river in the village. She was ready to die, and an elder wolf came to the edge of the forest to see her off onto her journey.

After experiencing this most unusual memory, my client felt a deep sense of relief from the depression she had previously been feeling. A pack of wolves, in fact, had restored her hope and her belief in human nature.

Have you ever felt like you may have lived a past life? I can help you experience it through past life regression. Set up a complimentary appointment and let’s see where you’ve lived in previous lives.

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

Rowing Your Boat Doesn’t Always Float Gently Downstream

hypnotherapy for insomnia

I’ve always loved sleep, partially because I look forward to experiencing my dreams. Yet they say it’s the deep, dreamless sleep that benefits you most.

When I was in college, I wrote papers well into the middle of the night and was still energetic the next day. I didn’t even worry about the lack of sleep. How little we knew then of all the new distractions that would eventually disturb our dream-states.

Insomnia is no one’s friend, and its causes are complex. That’s why I’d like to introduce you to Dr. Mathew Walker, a psychiatrist, and insomnia expert. He offered several thought-provoking insights:

  1. Melatonin is triggered by sleeping in the dark for a few hours.
  2. BE religious about getting 8 hours of sleep. It helps to prevent cancer and heart disease. Working night time shifts are now being categorized as carcinogenic.
  3. Insufficient sleep is highly rated as a factor in dementia (i.e. Ronald Reagan).
  4. Before sleeping, try to dim down the lights and lower room temperature.
  5. Don’t stay in bed for too long. If you can’t sleep, go to another room and, in dim light, read a book until tired.

Does hypnosis help cure insomniacs? Yes, it can. In my process, I explore all aspects of my clients’ life which can play a role in feeling stressed prior to sleep. This also includes what medications they are currently using. Hypnosis can trigger neurochemicals stimulating the brain to relax deeply when approaching sleep.  Meanwhile, BWRT helps lower the client’s anxiety level prior to sleeping.

A few years ago, a highly reputable, successful businessman in Portland came to see me. It had been years since he’d had a good night’s rest on a regular basis. In hypnotherapy for insomnia, I helped him return to an unresolved business conflict that had occurred years earlier, which churned in his mind ever since. The settlement of this dispute brought him immediate relief, and he promptly enjoyed the most relaxing night’s rest in years.

Need hypnotherapy for insomnia? I can help. Schedule a free appointment and let me help you get the rest you deserve.


How Hypnotic Regression Illuminates Your Inner Secrets

How Hypnotic Regression
Illuminates Your Inner Secrets

How Hypnotic Regression Illuminates Your Inner SecretsWhen it comes to exploring memories hidden deep within the subconscious mind, few techniques are more successful than “hypnotic regression.” Regression work is very precise. For that very reason, it cannot be explained in full detail here. The reason for this is because once you inform your conscious mind of a plan to access your subconscious, the conscious mind begins to preconceive the regression experience, thus making it more difficult to achieve successful results.

Early life experiences become deeply etched into your mind

Certainly, you could be taken back to your oldest memory of going to the circus; where you might have discovered it was magical, or, perhaps, frightening. Your subconscious may have focused on what it really felt like to be 8 years old and watch tigers jumping through hoops on fire or viewing daredevil trapeze artists from 300 feet above. These early life experiences become deeply etched into your mind.  They might also awaken you to your first memory of how vulnerable people can be (as flying trapeze artists) or how courageous tigers can be (jumping through hoops on fire). These impressionable experiences may form the basis for creating core beliefs concerning vulnerability later on.

The regression process takes the client back to a specific memory

Regression is often helpful (and sometimes necessary) when a client has experienced a significant event such as emotional/physical trauma with a parent, a nasty divorce, or events leading to a sudden breakdown in one’s life. The actual regression process involves taking the client back to a specific memory, or to the first time a highly unusual, or even dangerous event occurred. While in the hypnotic state, specific questions are asked to enable the client to clearly recall and describe what happened at that moment in time. Quite a few clients have articulated to me that as children they suffered when a parent told them they weren’t smart enough, not beautiful enough, or would never be successful.

The hypnotist assists you in viewing events from a different perspective

Once the incident has been fully described and deeply experienced by the client, the hypnotist assists them into viewing the event from a fully different perspective, enabling them to feel they are in greater control of their life, and no longer prisoner to these painful, outdated beliefs.

Clients are likely to experience greater health

As a result of the regression work, clients are likely to experience greater health in the form of improved self-esteem, improved sleep, gradually losing weight and feeling diminished physical pain.   Overall, a very high percentage of clients who received regression work reported feeling substantially clearer and more confident after their session.

Solving Crimes

Hypnotic regression has also been conducted in criminal cases, including murders, for quite some time.   As a result, regression work conducted among criminal suspects has resulted in successfully solving the crime at hand.

If you have experienced an unresolved trauma or difficult challenge in your life, you’re most welcome to take advantage of signing up for a free consultation with me.

Regression Hypnotherapy helps you Practice Extreme Forgiveness

Regression Hypnotherapy helps you Practice Extreme Forgiveness

regression hypnotherapyOver my years of practice, I’ve had many opportunities to work with clients who suffered from abuse, neglect, and bullying from a childhood friend, partner or parent.

While some were able to heal the wounds of childhood and rebuild a new life, others searched for new ways to bridge the communication gap with their parent, spouse or friend. How do we learn to truly forgive so we can move forward and dispel the shadows of the past?

Release through Regression Hypnotherapy

Regression hypnotherapy can help you release the emotional charge behind the experience that wounded you. Although this can be very successful, the cognitive brain can occasionally hold on to the reason for the wound, thereby causing obsessive thinking.

Instead of reviewing the past over and over, what if we approached practicing forgiveness towards others as a natural, inherently respectful process? What has arisen out of this concept is called Metta Meditation, or Loving Kindness Meditation. When practicing Metta, you’re creating goodwill towards others. You’re putting aside your biases and opinions while approaching others with an open heart.

Over time, a person can go deeper into their practice of Loving Kindness.

  • The first step is to invoke thoughts and prayers of goodwill towards yourself, i.e.: “May I be safe from harm, and able to help others.” Like a pebble tossed into a pool, these thoughts raise greater awareness of positive opportunities.
  • The second step involves invoking kindness towards one’s friends. “I ask for health, safety, and happiness of my friends and neighbors.” “May my relatives live in happiness and peace.”
  • At each phase, additional effort is extended to meditate upon those further from your inner circle. Here, one meditates upon “neutral beings”, ie: those who come and go in your life; not people you know well, but rather those who make a neutral impression upon you. You might express, “Though I don’t know you well, we may share similar challenges in life.”
  • As one goes deeper, they address an adversary; someone who may have caused them harm in some way. We all know people like this; and the point is to pray for those who’ve caused pain, either to you and/or your community, including local institutions. Allow your prayer to go deeper to those who’ve been in pain themselves.
  • Finally, we extend ourselves to all living beings in the entire universe. Now it’s time to emanate the energy of Metta Meditation from our deepest selves. “May all beings be radiant and serve the highest interests of Creation.” Imagine yourself as a lighthouse, extending your reach in all directions.

“May we complete the great journey of awakening.”  And may you deepen your forgiveness of others.

Are you ready to practice forgiveness? Get a free consultation and let’s talk about Regression Hypnotherapy. Call me at 503-349-4619.






Creativity is in the Imagination of the Beholder

Creativity is in the
Imagination of the Beholder

Hypnosis for CreativityHypnosis for Creativity

I’ve always agreed with the notion that “necessity is the mother of invention.” In fact, our ancient ancestors would have never discovered chariots unless a Greek man had realized he could attach two stone wheels to a cart in 3,500 B.C. Sometimes inventions are birthed as the result of a discovery… such as Isaac Newton’s discovery of the law of gravity, or Thomas Edison’s shock when a voice suddenly came through his telephone.

Have you ever acknowledged that it isn’t just geniuses who are highly creative, but people who, every day of their lives, dream up inventions, advancements and highly original ideas?

Galvanizing the Creative Process

Research has shown that some people who appear disorganized are actually tracking ideas the way a hunting dog tracks an animal’s scent. They use their curiosity to explore new concepts and approaches to solving a problem. This pattern of “going from point A to M, then back to C, then V”, actually galvanizes the creative process. The constant testing and validation of ideas eventually lead to a new product, an innovation, or even a brilliant breakthrough concept.

You are Innately Creative

Often in my blog posts, I’ve mentioned how creative you already innately are. And in case you’ve never considered it, are you willing to pause for a second to explore how you might perceive your project while in the hypnotic state? Hypnosis for creativity allows you to become hyper-alert to both what excites you as well as what concerns you regarding your project. Intuition becomes very enhanced. Meanwhile, as I ask you specific questions, you are guided to focus on areas requiring additional creative input, or restructuring.

Artistic Freedom

Here is another one of my favorite ways to strategize creatively. I like to imagine that I’m looking down on a new concept or idea from about 5,000 feet above. The entire design is there, including all the small details. This allows me the artistic freedom to see it in its entirety while uncovering flaws in its logic or design.

While in hypnosis you can even explore how well the creative team has been collaborating. You could even get a feeling for how the building/idea would perform 10 years from now.

And yes, you can “time travel” while in hypnosis for creativity!

Finding Your Hidden Voice

Finding Your Hidden Voice

Hypnosis for Public Speaking

Hypnosis for public speaking | Finding Your Hidden VoiceYears ago, I recall noticing how monotonous my voice was during a narration for a corporate video project. I wasn’t impressed with myself, so I re-recorded it.

Later, an even more poignant memory surfaced: speaking in front of 45 people and almost fainting in front of them. THAT was frightening. Feeling the blood rushing from my brain while struggling for the next sentence was no picnic. I would guess some of you may know this feeling…

Have you ever admired the voice of someone who projected a great warmth, sense of integrity or authority?

Learn how to modulate your voice

You may not be remotely interested in speaking before an audience (most of us aren’t!) But look at it this way: you’re speaking to an audience constantly – your spouse/partner, your kids, boss, co-workers, and friends. Furthermore, you may have a creative project or even a larger vision for the future you’d like to articulate to people. This requires engaging them by learning how to modulate your voice, and creating a rhythm or cadence to each sentence, thus naturally creating curiosity to hear more. Hypnosis for public speaking can help.

Craft your message

If you’re in business, either as a solopreneur, team player or representing a company, you most likely want to craft your message as powerfully and concisely as possible. By slowly whittling away every extraneous detail and focusing only on the essentials, you’ll find yourself speaking from your core confidence. It’s this deeper level of self-confidence that engages your sense of authority towards your kids because you’re speaking from that place of which you know is absolutely true.

Relax your body

I’ve worked with clients using hypnosis for public speaking along with other techniques to enable them to relax their body, focusing on the throat and facial muscles, while projecting authenticity. Together we focus on deep breathing, engaging with their audience, and being totally real, at the moment.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT)

Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT) has also created stellar results in enabling clients to project great self-confidence and professional knowledge of their field. In fact, one of my clients received a promotion immediately after her presentation!

Have you had an amazing experience speaking to an individual or an audience you’d like to share? If so, please respond and let me know!

To Your Success!

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