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Throughout history, there have been those who have predicted the future. Though the list is long, amongst these brilliant souls were Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, and Nostradamus.  Nostradamus’s credit is foreseeing the coming of the Black Plague in Europe.

Our habits are not so dissimilar from the Neanderthals

When I observe the habits of my friends and fellow human beings daily, I’m aware of how much we cherish spending “down-time” in front of our tv, watching movies or shows, sometimes for hours…distancing ourselves from the pressures of life. I can’t help but think back on my Neanderthal ancestors who gathered in their cave at night with flames from the fire dancing on its walls. Despite the many thousands of years since those primitive times, our habits are not so dissimilar.

Solving highly complex problems benefit from patiently contemplating multiple theories

Yet, solving highly complex problems benefit from patiently contemplating multiple theories and exploring new facets of a conundrum. Solving highly complex problems might take years to discern a new avenue which might yield a new perspective. After all, Einstein dedicated his entire life to understanding the Theory of Relativity.

Future Pacing

You’ve probably heard me write previously about the hypnotic process called Future Pacing. In the same way, we can access vivid memories from our past in hypnosis, so are we capable of envisioning our future by bringing our beliefs into the Present Moment.future pacing

Future Pacing Example

Take the example of someone preparing to give a fifteen-minute speech in front of an audience of 300 people. While in hypnosis, they will project being able to see themselves on the stage, feeling comfortable in “their skin,” presenting a new approach towards creating a safer and healthy habitat for an endangered species of hawk.

In this state, they will be both in the present (i.e., observing themselves), while also introducing biological and environmental ideas for the future. Switching back and forth between being in the present and perceiving the future may feel slightly awkward at first, yet once you’re comfortable, your brain will make the transition back and forth seamlessly.

Future pacing can be amazingly effective

A teenager badly injured her right knee in an accident, yet she’s almost ready to get back in the gym. Hypnosis immediately heightens her confidence while helping her imagine she can slowly flex the knee forward and backward until she’s confident enough to put pressure on it safely.

Mindfulness Hypnosis

Note that Mindfulness Hypnosis is another modality that causes an increased density of gray matter to the Anterior Cingulate Cortex. Mindfulness Hypnosis helps to purposely direct one’s attention and focus on a particular subject, without any judgment or emotional bias.  Both future pacing and mindfulness hypnosis are methods I have used with great success with my clients.

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