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Gambling Addiction Hypnosis

Gambling Addiction Hypnosis

gambling addictionMany of us remember the anguish caused by the Sub-Prime Market Crash, which began in 2006 and gradually ended in 2008. Approximately 10 million Americans lost their homes between 2006 and 2014.

During this very tumultuous time, some banks closed their doors, while others were bought out by larger banks. Four million families lost their homes due to foreclosure.

During all the volatility of the stock market, many people saw their savings vanish, harking back to memories of the Great Depression and the Crash of 1929.

Gambling is a High-Risk Activity

Human nature seems inherently vulnerable during these times, watching their hard-won savings dwindle quickly. Many people considered gambling as a way to possibly win back some of their previous earnings. Gambling has always been a very popular, if not a high-risk activity.

Understanding Subconscious Motivations for a Need to Gamble

When I’ve worked with clients using gambling addiction hypnosis, I’ve invested a lot of time trying to understand their subconscious motivations concerning their need to gamble. Because part of their psyche wants more control over their money (obviously by making more), there’s an inherently high risk that they’ll lose due to the way the game is played. The machines themselves induce a trance state, with their colored lighting, and ringing bells. The dream of winning “The Big One” is all-prevailing.  Within this context, there’s an inherent “high” with the momentary excitement of believing that you might win, even if for only 15 or 30 minutes.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy

When treating clients for gambling addiction, I have frequently used a very new technique known as Brain Working Recursive Therapy, otherwise known as BWRT, to help clients address addictions such as gambling. In case you’re not aware of BWRT, please feel free to go to the BWRT website.

The Mechanics of BWRT

Although explaining the mechanics of BWRT can be complex, it primarily short-circuits the stress and anxiety caused by the reptilian brain’s “fight or flight” mechanism, thus giving your brain an opportunity to build greater confidence by creating new patterns of behavior, as a result of building new neural pathways in your brain.

BWRT Protocol

A specific protocol used by BWRT addresses how a person’s self-image has been altered, perhaps through drug use or alcoholism, for example. Gambling fits into this category, as well. Clients receive more in-depth analysis to determine why they’ve chosen to undergo such a significant change in their self-identity, while building the confidence they can learn to stop, for good. Often, feelings of guilt, resentment, and anger spur the desire to gamble.

Gambling Addiction Hypnosis for Mindfulness

Gambling addiction hypnosis for mindfulness can also be used to slow down the subconscious mind’s perceptions of these thoughts and emotions. Hypnosis for mindfulness heightens the client’s awareness that building healthier attitudes towards making money and keeping it restores their core confidence and sense of security, both within themselves as well as their family.

Do you want to give it a try? Schedule a complimentary appointment to see how I can help you overcome your gambling addiction.

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