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We rarely think of exactly how our ancient ancestors managed to survive the extremely harsh conditions of gathering food, hunting wooly mammoths, childbirth, and avoiding disease. While the odds of survival were much less likely than today, those who did make it had incredibly strong willpower.

The concept I’m about to share with you was introduced to me a few years ago by Terence Watts, whose reputation many of you are familiar with. Instinct is a very strong determinant of behavior. This is evidenced by the fact that a specific species of sea turtles have laid their eggs on the exact same beach for thousands of years.

Instinct played an equally important role in the evolution of Neanderthals. Yet, as they wandered the terrain of Eurasia, this group of primitive humans could be divided into 3 groups, each exhibiting strong behavioral characteristics:

  1. Some aggressively defended their group from invading marauders at all costs
  2. Some formed communities in fertile areas to grow food, but were less likely to defend themselves
  3. Some preferred to wander off alone or in very small groups, following their own rules for survival.

These three ancestral groups could be broadly categorized as:

  1. Warriors
  2. Settlers
  3. Nomads

Given the evolution of each group over time, various distinct behavioral traits emerged among each group. Warriors exhibited tendencies to be determined, decisive and strategic thinkers. Settlers were creative, sought approval from others, and tended to avoid conflict. Nomads could be very individualistic, charismatic, and anti-authoritative.

It’s quite likely that your personality contains dominant characteristics from one of these three groups, while also containing some traits from the remaining two groups.

No one group is more important than the other two. Yet, as you become more aware of the traits you possess as a Warrior, Settler or Nomad, you may find yourself wondering how you can become a better parent, be more creative or be more decisive by adopting characteristics from one of these three groups.

I invite you to explore this very important concept and to reach out to me with any of your thoughts or questions. I’ll be revealing even more ideas about this in the near future.

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