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FULL Disclosure: To be in complete integrity, I should let you know that several paragraphs closely reflect information that has appeared in recent scientific publications. Nevertheless, I wish to disclose the fascinating results of the study below. Thank you for your understanding.

We believe our thoughts change how our reality unfolds daily. Up until now, this has undergone some speculation and consideration. We think we might have a cold, and within 24 hours we’re ill. We’re afraid our son’s team will lose the Friday night football game and the opposing team wins.How Your DNA Shapes Your Physical Reality

Your subconscious mind is aware of feelings and events before they reach your conscious awareness

On a subtle level, many of you have already learned that your subconscious mind is aware of feelings and events before they reach your conscious awareness. Unfortunately, this is what happened to me at the age of 16, when my subconscious showed me a vision of my older brother dying in a car accident.

DNA can be affected by the emotions of a human being standing nearby

Recently, I was astounded to learn that through testing, scientists have confirmed that living DNA can be affected by the emotions of a human being standing nearby.

Results of three rounds of DNA experiments

During the first round of tests, DNA was removed from one subject and placed in a vial, near the second subject. Scientists then performed tests on the DNA to stimulate various emotional responses. Surprisingly, the DNA responded to the stimulus exactly as it was applied.

It was also proven that positive stimulus caused the DNA to relax, while negative stimulus caused the DNA to tighten up. Consider, for example, that you woke up feeling grumpy and discovered a huge branch fell in the backyard. This might underscore that your DNA may be affected by some form of negativity (whether conscious or subconscious in origin).

Meanwhile, scientists performed a second round of tests, as they isolated white blood cells, so they could measure the electrical charges the DNA had received to remove the emotional stimulus. Once again, the peaks and valleys of the DNA stimulus exactly matched that of the subjects. The DNA was taken 50 miles away from the donors to confirm the accuracy of these results. The result? The DNA response still matched that of the original donor. When I had the vision of my brother Andy, he was 2,500 miles away.

The third experiment was even more striking. Scientists placed human DNA into a vacuum of light photons that were behaving randomly. However, when the human DNA was inserted, the photons stopped acting randomly but followed the geometry of the DNA.

What does this all mean?

We are all highly connected, and the more we reach out to work together, to tackle seriously large problems, the more successful we will be.


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