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How Hypnotic Regression Illuminates Your Inner SecretsWhen it comes to exploring memories hidden deep within the subconscious mind, few techniques are more successful than “hypnotic regression.” Regression work is very precise. For that very reason, it cannot be explained in full detail here. The reason for this is because once you inform your conscious mind of a plan to access your subconscious, the conscious mind begins to preconceive the regression experience, thus making it more difficult to achieve successful results.

Early life experiences become deeply etched into your mind

Certainly, you could be taken back to your oldest memory of going to the circus; where you might have discovered it was magical, or, perhaps, frightening. Your subconscious may have focused on what it really felt like to be 8 years old and watch tigers jumping through hoops on fire or viewing daredevil trapeze artists from 300 feet above. These early life experiences become deeply etched into your mind.  They might also awaken you to your first memory of how vulnerable people can be (as flying trapeze artists) or how courageous tigers can be (jumping through hoops on fire). These impressionable experiences may form the basis for creating core beliefs concerning vulnerability later on.

The regression process takes the client back to a specific memory

Regression is often helpful (and sometimes necessary) when a client has experienced a significant event such as emotional/physical trauma with a parent, a nasty divorce, or events leading to a sudden breakdown in one’s life. The actual regression process involves taking the client back to a specific memory, or to the first time a highly unusual, or even dangerous event occurred. While in the hypnotic state, specific questions are asked to enable the client to clearly recall and describe what happened at that moment in time. Quite a few clients have articulated to me that as children they suffered when a parent told them they weren’t smart enough, not beautiful enough, or would never be successful.

The hypnotist assists you in viewing events from a different perspective

Once the incident has been fully described and deeply experienced by the client, the hypnotist assists them into viewing the event from a fully different perspective, enabling them to feel they are in greater control of their life, and no longer prisoner to these painful, outdated beliefs.

Clients are likely to experience greater health

As a result of the regression work, clients are likely to experience greater health in the form of improved self-esteem, improved sleep, gradually losing weight and feeling diminished physical pain.   Overall, a very high percentage of clients who received regression work reported feeling substantially clearer and more confident after their session.

Solving Crimes

Hypnotic regression has also been conducted in criminal cases, including murders, for quite some time.   As a result, regression work conducted among criminal suspects has resulted in successfully solving the crime at hand.

If you have experienced an unresolved trauma or difficult challenge in your life, you’re most welcome to take advantage of signing up for a free consultation with me.

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