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Hypnosis for Blood Pressure / Hypertension

Hypnosis for Blood PressureThere is one thing we all might agree on: the heart is a miraculous organ, working tirelessly every day, in fact every second of our daily lives. We also might agree that the heart registers our deepest emotions; be it fear over losing our job, to joy over a marriage proposal.

Sometimes, deep emotions affect the heart’s performance. The phrase “The body believes everything it hears the mind say, *” speaks to the various ways hypertension can develop.

I myself use hypnosis for blood pressure

A few years ago I became stressed over my interaction with a relative of mine. I knew that, while deeply relaxed in hypnosis, I could create a stunningly beautiful scene in my imagination and I would literally feel like I was there.

While in this gorgeous spot I felt a deep sense of calm and enchantment with my surroundings. Although my blood pressure gradually decreased, I found the need to practice this technique daily for a few weeks. When necessary, I still use hypnosis for blood pressure to this day.

How will you help me become freer of hypertension symptoms?

I assist you in becoming aware of what factors cause you to feel stress, whether they originated in childhood or more recently. Based on your response to stressful events/experiences in your life, I craft an approach enabling you to “uncouple” from these triggers so you have much more control over your response to those triggers in the future.

How many hypnosis for blood pressure sessions will it take before I see improvements in my readings?

Of course, every person’s response to his or her anxiety is different. The number of sessions will depend upon your personal history as well as how relaxed you can become once you enter the hypnotic state.

How do I get the best results from hypnosis for blood pressure?

One of the extra bonuses I provide all of my clients is an MP3 or CD recording of each session. Listening to your hypnosis for blood pressure session recording is very important to your commitment to follow through. As any coach would suggest: “Practice, practice, practice.”

The suggestions you receive while in hypnosis take deeper root as you listen several times. Also, people often benefit from taking a deeper look at their lifestyle and work habits. For example, are you one of those people whose always pushing themselves at work? Are you willing to just sit down and read a novel, perhaps take a yoga class to relax, or learn more about practicing the fine art of “mindfulness?”

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