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Hypnosis for CreativityHypnosis for Creativity

I’ve always agreed with the notion that “necessity is the mother of invention.” In fact, our ancient ancestors would have never discovered chariots unless a Greek man had realized he could attach two stone wheels to a cart in 3,500 B.C. Sometimes inventions are birthed as the result of a discovery… such as Isaac Newton’s discovery of the law of gravity, or Thomas Edison’s shock when a voice suddenly came through his telephone.

Have you ever acknowledged that it isn’t just geniuses who are highly creative, but people who, every day of their lives, dream up inventions, advancements and highly original ideas?

Galvanizing the Creative Process

Research has shown that some people who appear disorganized are actually tracking ideas the way a hunting dog tracks an animal’s scent. They use their curiosity to explore new concepts and approaches to solving a problem. This pattern of “going from point A to M, then back to C, then V”, actually galvanizes the creative process. The constant testing and validation of ideas eventually lead to a new product, an innovation, or even a brilliant breakthrough concept.

You are Innately Creative

Often in my blog posts, I’ve mentioned how creative you already innately are. And in case you’ve never considered it, are you willing to pause for a second to explore how you might perceive your project while in the hypnotic state? Hypnosis for creativity allows you to become hyper-alert to both what excites you as well as what concerns you regarding your project. Intuition becomes very enhanced. Meanwhile, as I ask you specific questions, you are guided to focus on areas requiring additional creative input, or restructuring.

Artistic Freedom

Here is another one of my favorite ways to strategize creatively. I like to imagine that I’m looking down on a new concept or idea from about 5,000 feet above. The entire design is there, including all the small details. This allows me the artistic freedom to see it in its entirety while uncovering flaws in its logic or design.

While in hypnosis you can even explore how well the creative team has been collaborating. You could even get a feeling for how the building/idea would perform 10 years from now.

And yes, you can “time travel” while in hypnosis for creativity!

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