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Hypnotherapy FAQs

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What is a hypnosis session like?
During your initial visit, the hypnotherapist will spend time helping you specify your objectives for wanting to receive hypnosis. Sometimes the client’s objectives come into sharper focus as a result of this intake interview. Being honest about your background history is instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome to the session.

The hypnotherapist will then proceed to help your mind and body relax deeply. Soon, your body will begin to feel very light in that soft, comfortable chair you are lying in. However, you retain total awareness of every word he/she is saying. You will be able to describe feelings, thoughts and events from the past, present and even the future.

These feelings will be very real to you, and free of any influence from the analytical, conscious mind. Now that the subconscious is fully accessible, the suggestions and techniques provided by the hypnotist will assist you in eliminating old, unwanted beliefs and behaviors, while replacing them with powerful, self-affirming approaches to your life.

Who can be hypnotized?
Virtually everyone can be hypnotized, as research has shown that on average a person goes into a light hypnotic state over 50 times each day. That means the probability of your being successfully hypnotized is 100%! Once again, in order to be fully receptive, it is important to address any lingering questions or concerns about hypnosis during the initial interview.
Do I need to be in a deep hypnotic state in order for it to work?
Not necessarily. Much of the work accomplished through hypnosis occurs at a light to medium depth of relaxation. However, in some instances it is necessary for the client to be in a deeper state of restfulness to effect lasting changes in behavior. For example, such is the case when working with amputees, cancer patients, and others seeking relief from chronic, acute pain.
Does entering the hypnotic state indicate your mind is weak?
Absolutely not. The ability to focus is traditionally associated with intelligence (although this may not apply to bright individuals who have difficulty focusing due to learning disabilities). In general, however, more intelligent people are more likely to be hypnotized.
Will my mind be damaged or injured in any way?
During hypnosis the conscious mind is sitting “on the bench,” so to speak. A good, qualified hypnotherapist, is skillfully directing the subconscious to substitute new patterns of behavior and belief for outdated patterns no longer serving in their best interest. Throughout this process, the stability of the conscious mind remains completely intact.
Will I lose control of my willpower, or reveal long-held secrets?
Definitely not. In fact, your commitment to receive hypnosis should remain constant throughout the session.

The core tenets which you hold in life, ie beliefs which you fundamentally would not be willing to change, are stored in your subconscious. While in session, you are fully aware of, and participating in all dialogue between yourself and the hypnotist. You always have full power to make decisions consistent with these beliefs, which may include not divulging confidential information.

How are you different from a stage hypnotist who asks people to bark like a dog?
Traditional hypnotherapists only seek to assist their client with reaching their own goals, whatever they may be. On the other hand, stage hypnotists seek to entertain an audience. Prior to the performance, they interview prospective participants who are pre-disposed to engaging in unusual behaviors in public. Each volunteer has fully agreed to appear on stage in the show.
Will I be sound asleep?
Absolutely not. You will be completely awake and know what is happening at all times. It is rare for someone to fall asleep during a hypnosis session. Even asleep, they can receive some benefit, however it is more limited than if they were awake.

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