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Creating Alchemy with Your Subconscious:

Creating Alchemy with Your Subconscious:

Turning Iron into Gold

Turning Iron into GoldEvery day, I am amazed at the unique differences in how each person’s mind works.  While one person can be obsessively organized, tracking all their daily achievements, someone else, like Einstein, explores the Theory of Relativity for months, even years.

As we create systems of reference regarding our response to the stimuli that is our World, we develop strong beliefs about our behavior.  I’ve personally come to realize that sometimes, my most highly prized beliefs dominated my very thoughts and actions to the point of over-control.   Looking back, what’s surprised me the most is realizing that some of my behavior was based on beliefs that were completely outdated.

Think about this for a moment:  If you wanted to tell something important to a friend, would you begin speaking in English and then suddenly switch to s­­­­­peaking in Chinese?   It would be completely incongruent, of course, though the person talking might be unaware of their faux pas.

Truth is relative, after all.  Isaac Newton’s discovery of the law of gravity made us believe it was empirically “true” and therefore applicable for all situations.    Until we soared into space, where the rules of gravity no longer applied, ie “gravity” as we knew it, was suddenly outdated.  Now, can you see how easy it is to operate under an outdated belief?

What’s more, we often become very invested in maintaining our precious beliefs, denying the possibility that one day they might be proven false.  A story from my own life applies here.  I was the youngest of 3, in a family who loved to explore and discuss many topics.  Being the youngest, I felt the need to constantly compete for attention with my two older brothers.   Later, I moved to Paris with my parents, as my dad received an offer to work there for 3 years.  Challenging and amazing as it was, it was like competing for attention on steroids.  I and my friends would debate French politics and revolution in cafes for hours.  (until my brain hurt!)  As a result, I was often critical, and always defending my views, as if I’d been in a verbal sword fight.

Here’s how it felt, on the inside:
sword fight

As you can see, my belief that I should “forcefully express my own views while preparing to disagree with others” was definitely causing inner conflict.  WHY AM I CYNICAL AND WHERE’S THE FUN IN ALL OF THIS? Yikes!

­­­­Once I returned to the States, people were less cynical.  Adapting to American cultural norms was tough.   I was still expending A LOT of additional energy on maintaining these outdated beliefs.

ENTER my future husband, many years and adventurous experiences later.   His perennial optimism was ­­the sure-fire proof that opposites do indeed attract.   My husband, Tony, could walk into the dingiest home, filled with musty old furniture, and see all the promise and beauty of a renovated cozy dwelling. He visualized the creative design in everything, from gardens to music, architecture, traveling and cooking.  I, on the other hand, was still carrying the vestiges of being critical.

One day, someone taught me something important:  if you didn’t want a horse to rear up and throw you, you just needed to take a crop and hit it firmly between the ears.  Then the horse would believe it had “hit the sky” and it would stop.

That actually sounded like me.  How (?) you ask.  One day my brain took a sharp right turn.  Tony and I discovered a cabin hidden deep in a forest.  Though structural damage was very evident, the cabin was appealing.  Suddenly, out of the blue, I saw vases bursting with flowers near the front door, a roaring fire in the fireplace, surrounded by comfortable old chairs, and stained glass windows in the bedroom.  Finally, having burned through the dross and charred remains of self-doubt, my spontaneous imagination was fully awakened.

And, thanks to my husband (and my own efforts) here’s how I feel today:

The inner alchemy of radically transforming beliefs may take an hour, a week, or years (as in my case).  Hypnosis allows you to explore the rich, creative depths of your imagination to a level you could never imagine.  Colors, memories, emotions, even archetypal symbols are often intensely felt. Your subconscious mind creates a laser focus, thus yielding the precious metal of wisdom through reframing the past.  It’s a fantastic vehicle for enhancing your confidence, and creativity, as well as discovering new solutions to life’s dilemmas.

In a future post, I’ll describe my new technique for accessing creativity with even greater clarity.

Inspirational Words

Inspirational Words

Hummingbird Consciousness

Have You Entered the World of “Hummingbird Consciousness”?

Though I delighted in the snow’s magic during Portland’s seemingly endless winter, I’ve never appreciated the sight of daffodils and flowering plum trees more than this spring.  One day, warm weather arrived. Everywhere I looked, an incredible explosion of colors followed the winter wetness. Something had changed overnight.  I, too, wanted to feel a powerful change like that.

Questions arose in my mind such as “Why not take a watercolor painting class, I‘ve always wanted to do it?” Or, “What if I hiked up some seriously steep mountains for a change?”  I discovered that, subconsciously, (yes, that’s how we hypnotists phrase it!) I wanted to challenge myself to become smarter, more creative and stronger. In short, to take things up a notch or two.

American culture has no shortage of symbols representing specific values, such as audacious strength (think pro football, Sugar Ray), rugged determination (frontiersmen, Teddy Roosevelt), and innovation (Steve Jobs, Henry Ford), however, I was having difficulty visualizing something inspirational that symbolized “reaching for the stars.”

One day, serendipity entered my life through a book about the way Peruvian shamans view the world.  Theirs is one of the most ancient of shamanistic cultures in the world.  They consider that hummingbirds possess a great power:  the ability to “Achieve the Impossible.”  Every fall, various species migrate to Mexico, where they can stock up on nectar from the region’s tropical flowers.

By the time spring comes, the hummingbirds are lean, as they’ve lived off their fat (yes, they definitely have some) during the winter.  But they must fatten up again before the daunting journey ahead.   One day, they head towards the Gulf of Mexico and fly 18 hours non-stop before reaching the Louisiana coast.

We’ve all watched with intrigue as a hummingbird visits a feeder every few minutes to stock up on its supply of sucrose, right?  Can you imagine a Ruby Throat flying 18 hours without stopping?  How do they do it?   The shamans believe that hummingbirds have the extraordinary capacity to push themselves beyond their normal limits because they inherently know they can do it.   And once they successfully complete one journey, why wouldn’t they want to repeat it?

When I consider my own journey, I find the hummingbird’s innate tenacity very inspiring…and it’s helping me spread my wings and fly at a higher altitude.

I wonder: What one thing can you do this week to fly at a higher altitude? Inspirational words to think about…

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