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Scott Pisapia
Scott Pisapia
16:05 31 Dec 20
I really enjoyed my time working with Katie Ramseur. She was professional, insightful, and kind through the process. I... feel like I was able to turn the corner on the goal we were working toward thanks to her help. I have recommended her to many of my friends and family!read more
B O'Brien
B O'Brien
15:49 22 Dec 20
I would highly recommend working with Katie. Not only is she a pleasure to work with, but the treament & process is... highly effective.read more
Lindsay Boyer
Lindsay Boyer
03:32 21 Nov 19
I had such a wonderful experience working with Katie. I struggled for many years, due to vision issues caused MS I... developed severe anxiety driving. It kept me basically stuck in my house for many years. After one session of BWRT, these issues resolved, and I was able to take long drives and spend time with my family. Completely amazed by the results, and so grateful to have found Katie.read more
Evan Hayes
Evan Hayes
17:13 18 Nov 19
Katie Ramseur used BWRT on me at a time where I often didn't feel like I belonged in my industry (acting). I would get... jealous easily around actor friends who were enjoying success and generally didn't seem to appreciate the talent I had or the things that were going right in my life. BWRT doubled my confidence. I now walk into auditions relaxed because I know I have something unique to contribute. I am more thankful to have certain people in my life, too, even if it's so I can learn about what I don't want to be or revert back to. I feel like a weight has been lifted... I'm free because of Katie!!read more
A Lopez
A Lopez
08:01 06 Nov 19
Katie did amazing work with my son. I highly recommend her. The process was very effective and it was a pleasure to... have met her.read more
Trina Brunk
Trina Brunk
20:20 20 Jun 19
Immense respect for Katie's caring, clarity, wisdom, and skill. I had unexpected side benefits from our work together... that went beyond what I had originally sought support for. I highly recommend her.read more
Melissa Brabham
Melissa Brabham
00:13 30 Mar 19
Katie Ramsuer fostered a deeper transformation within myself. I clung to every negative aspect in my life and mind.... After my 3 sessions I felt untethered to that old version of me.I will add that prior to working with Katie, I heavily immersed myself in self-help books, blogs, affirmations, meditation, Reddit posts etc.This undoubtedly helped. If you're serious about transforming habits and thought patterns - do the work.read more
Amanda Nelson
Amanda Nelson
13:16 15 Mar 19
I started seeing Katie initially for an overpowering addiction I've struggled with for most of my adult life. I had... considered hypnosis in the past, and even tried doing guided hypnosis at home...and after working with Katie, I realized the culprit of my problem was actually memories and experiences from my life growing up. She listened to my story, took diligent notes, and was encouraging the whole way through. She actually suggested a therapy I hadn't heard of called BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy)...don't even ask "what is that?" because explanation in words can't really relay how powerful or HOW it works...but I believe it was fundamental to my changes. I saw her for 5 or 6 weeks I think, weekly. She customized my experience and we did some regression hypnosis to overcome some haunting memories, and the last session was incredible! I'll see her in the future for follow up's as needed, but for now I feel so empowered and in CONTROL of myself. I see my value, my worth and in return, I don't feel like I struggle with the addictions I had in the past. Thank you Katie!!read more
Jacob Nokes
Jacob Nokes
20:35 17 Aug 18
Katie is the definition of amazing. She can take any fear or phobia you possess and turn it into one of your strengths.... You leave the session feeling like a new person. If you want to change your life, come here. Thank you for your amazing work Katie!read more
Ryan Brown
Ryan Brown
21:49 08 Dec 17
Katie was exactly what I needed to restore/find my professional confidence. I had a big promotional opportunity in my... field and while I felt qualified, I was apprehensive about the new role and interview. Over the course of 3 sessions Katie was able to break down some mental blocks I had created towards this opportunity and also remove my anxiety towards public speaking. I got the job and I can say with complete confidence that I owe it in large to Katie. I went into the biggest interview of my career and rather than feeling anxious I was centered and confident like never before! The public speaking I've done since working with Katie has been worlds better (my internal experience and comfort) plus the impact towards my audience. I recommend Katie in the strongest of terms if you have a need to break though some confidence and anxiety blocks. She has a wonderful disposition and calming/caring nature. Looking back on my sessions from today to nearly two months ago- I can say the lifelong benefit unfolding is worth infinitely more than the modest investment I made. Katie is truly a gem! Make the investment- your best self is just waiting to break through and be given life!Ryanread more
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Katie Ramseur was very helpful in my desire to overcome anxiety and stress. I found her professional, caring and knowledgeable; she listened carefully to understand my specific needs, then addressed them in our work. The connection I felt with her, was very clear and effortless. I always felt in con… Read more

C Kelly

“Overall, my experience receiving hypnosis through Katie Ramseur has been quite amazing. After only a couple of sessions, I’ve already made vast improvements in how I interact with the people around me. feel more confident in addressing issues that were previously a barrier to me. Slowly but surel… Read more

Nathan T.

“I was laid off from my marketing and sales and marketing position after being in the industry for 15 years. I had been a leader in my sales team, and although I knew the industry well I still had not been able to find a new position in marketing, so I became very depressed. Katie helped change al… Read more

Robert G.

“When I first came to Katie’s office, some six weeks ago, for the free initial consultation, I didn’t know quite what to expect. All I knew was that my life was too stressful for me to deal with; that I wanted to relieve that stress while increasing my sense of self-confidence (specifically, get ove… Read more

Sarah K.

“The very instant I met Katie I intuitively felt comfortable which is rare for me. I sought hypnotic therapy for a gambling problem and after our 3rd session I hadn’t just kicked my bad habit but was exploring many other spiritual avenues that raised my awareness about the world and temptations that… Read more

Kokoma I.

I sought Katie out to help me get over a lifelong phobia (I prefer not to disclose specifics) after an occurrence at work and a traumatic experience on vacation in NY. I was in desperate need of help, but skeptical as I’d have this deep rooted fear for as long as I could remember. I was at a critica… Read more


“Thank you so very much for helping me with my problems with high blood pressure. My doctor was getting worried about my blood pressure, and advised me to learn how to relax more. You told the most beautiful story during my session, and I still listen to your CD because I love hearing it. When I cam… Read more

Judy S.

Katie is the definition of amazing. She can take any fear or phobia you possess and turn it into one of your strengths. You leave the session feeling like a new person. If you want to change your life, come here. Thank you for your amazing work Katie! Read more

J. Nokes

“As a therapist/healer, Katie is a 15 on a 1 to 10 scale. She has helped me generate a positive self-image from a long history of self-sabotaging negativity. Her capacity to deeply listen to, hear, and address my concerns is stellar. Her depth of knowledge of hypnosis and NLP is deep and ever-in… Read more

David K.

Katie- Just arrived at Scott’s home in Palm Desert about 3 hours ago. I had listened to my relaxation tape 2 times this past week and slept like a baby last night. Usually before a flight if I can sleep the night before I end up waking up in the early morning hours and not able to fall back to sleep… Read more


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