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So the last thing I am is one of these “woo woo: people — into alternative medicine, checking my “chakras”, meditating, in  touch with my inner self…. just not me.  So when I first met Katie at a business event, I thought, “Oh, that’s nice that she helps folks through hypnosis, but not my thing”.

But a few months ago, Katie was speaking at a networking event about “Brain Working Recursive Therapy”  (BWRT … Google it, really).  And I thought, huh, that’s not too “woo-woo”.  So I thought, what the hey…. let’s see if she can help me with public interface.

So I went to see Katie and she used this new BWRT technique and I was amazed.  She didn’t hypnotize me or do any digging into my life, but simply helped me get a handle on everything.  And apparently it is working out for me.  If  you are in the public eye, sales, giving talks, etc.,  and need some help in presentation, socialization or comfort level, I suggest you see Katie and give this BWRT technique a shot.  Really paid off for me!

Ann B

“Thank you so very much for helping me with my problems with high blood pressure. My doctor was getting worried about my blood pressure, and advised me to learn how to relax more. You told the most beautiful story during my session, and I still listen to your CD because I love hearing it. When I came out of my first session with you, my body felt so much lighter, like a weight had been lifted from me. You really spent time with me exploring how to understand what issues might be leading to higher than normal blood pressure.”

Judy S.

My sessions with Katie were a complete success. My cigarette cravings were removed and I felt better immediately. My second session she helped me work on controlling my overeating, especially sweets and I can honestly say that too has seen a huge improvement. Thank you Katie for helping my success!


“As a therapist/healer, Katie is a 15 on a 1 to 10 scale. She has helped me generate a positive self-image from a long history of self-sabotaging negativity. Her capacity to deeply listen to, hear, and address my concerns is stellar. Her depth of knowledge of hypnosis and NLP is deep and ever-increasing. Her intuition is flawless. The recordings she makes of our sessions are gems that I listen to over and over. She is a healer of the highest order. Her eyes, voice, laughter, spiritual realization, and the vast knowing she has accumulated make each session a priceless treasure.”

David K.

“Hypnosis really worked for me. I was actually developing panic attacks before getting on flights. My job involved travel, and I found myself getting anxious a few days before my flight, anxious about everything…getting packed, where I would sit on the plane, taking off…just everything. A good friend recommended I see Katie. First, she answered all my questions about hypnosis, and how, why and when it could help me. Finally, over a few sessions, hypnosis helped me gain confidence that I, myself, could learn how to control these anxieties. We scheduled the second session the day before my next out of town trip. Suddenly, the things that I was most preoccupied about seemed less important, and that familiar panicky feeling seemed diminished. I began to have a completely different experience of flight travel, and genuinely relaxed on the plane for the first time in years. Katie did a terrific job of showing me how accessing my subconscious mind could help shift my entire view of myself. I truly feel like a different person.”

Jenny V.

“When I first came to Katie’s office, some six weeks ago, for the free initial consultation, I didn’t know quite what to expect. All I knew was that my life was too stressful for me to deal with; that I wanted to relieve that stress while increasing my sense of self-confidence (specifically, get over my shyness); and I wanted to find, most fundamentally, some sense of peace and balance. Katie — as warm, generous and welcoming in person as her online presence suggested she was — took the time during that first meeting to give me a sampling of what a regular session would be like, and I left her office feeling hopeful for the first time in — well, I don’t know how long. After a couple of weekly sessions, I’m now going every two weeks. The belief — not mere hope now — that things can get better has only grown.

To put it simply, Katie is intelligent, well-trained, experienced, and intuitive. She listens, knowing what questions to ask, and truly appreciating one’s responses. Based on those responses, she then carefully, elegantly tailors an approach that will suit that particular client, while giving them tools, starting with that very first session, that they can take away with them and use anywhere, anytime. Along the way, she helps one understand that we each have a wealth of internal resources, and then helps one to access and use them.

In short, for the first time in my life — at the age of 61! — I have the sense of getting in touch with who I am. That wouldn’t be happening if not for Katie Ramseur.”

Sarah K.

“The very instant I met Katie I intuitively felt comfortable which is rare for me. I sought hypnotic therapy for a gambling problem and after our 3rd session I hadn’t just kicked my bad habit but was exploring many other spiritual avenues that raised my awareness about the world and temptations that we live in. She was also very thoughtful in following up and sent me Mp3s of our sessions for me to fall back on if I had too. Overall, I enjoyed her company more then anything else and felt as ease with the therapy.”

Kokoma I.

“Overall, my experience receiving hypnosis through Katie Ramseur has been quite amazing. After only a couple of sessions, I’ve already made vast improvements in how I interact with the people around me. feel more confident in addressing issues that were previously a barrier to me. Slowly but surely, I am beginning to communicate much more positively with friends and family.

Katie is very intuitive, and appears to have a sixth sense about emotional issues I’ve buried deep inside. Her calm demeanor and serene environment makes it easy to open up about those things that are troubling me the most. I am currently still receiving hypnotherapy from her and plan on continuing these sessions until I finally move past these fears.

I recommend to anyone that they give her a chance to help you improve your life, in any means possible.”

Nathan T.

“I visited Katie to get a new perspective on my alcohol consumption, which had become a problem. Although I only had a few sessions, I enjoyed them greatly and each time felt better when I left than when I came in. Overall, she helped me take a new look at things, and it kickstarted a daily routine of meditation that has been great.”

Paul H.

“Katie has been an invaluable partner on my recent path in healing. I sought out a practitioner who could help me to better manage stress due to chronic pain I have experienced over the last several years. She has assisted me in uncovering and discovering many of my heart’s desires and reconnecting to the core of myself. Her ability to listen to the specifics of one’s needs and interests helps to expedite the process and I found my time working with her was incredibly efficient and impactful. Having my “homework” recordings of our sessions to use at home really makes the work penetrate. She has quite an arsenal of creative tools she works with that is very personalized to each clients needs. I am so grateful for finding her and look forward to our continued growth together. She is an exceptional coach and catalyst for integrating body, mind and spirit.

After our first session I noticed a definate shift and continue to experience a better quality of life, awareness and more joy in my body.”


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