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When I was in college, I was aware of how some students were very knowledgeable about a particular subject, yet they tended to perform poorly on tests. Similarly, some folks have difficulty projecting their strengths and abilities during a job interview. For some, this is very natural. They are under pressure to impress someone (or perhaps a group of people), and they may even desperately need a job, yet don’t want it to seem obvious.

The anxiety of anticipating the interview itself tends to erode their confidence, and ability to remain in the present moment, where they’re most likely to perform best.

Hypnosis has been known to be very successful in treating performance anxiety in many areas, including interviewing, test taking and public speaking, to name a few. First, unique visualization techniques are used to enable the client to dispel their fears, and view themselves at the future job interview, feeling comfortable, confident and in control. While in hypnosis, the outer qualities the client wishes to convey (ie. confidence, professionalism, etc) as well as their inner strengths (being organized, creative etc.) and job-related experience are positively reinforced.

It is recommended to have two sessions, with the second session taking place the day before (or day of) the interview itself. The client will also be taught how to visualize themselves being confidently at ease during the interview, as well as being offered the job itself, so they can continue to practice several times each day.

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