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In this very moment, as I write, my mare, Magic, is attempting to adjust my red beret. She suddenly became very ill last night, and since early this morning I’ve been her health coach. After all, when you weigh 1,000 pounds, getting good nutrition becomes a major priority. Somehow, I didn’t “get the memo” about her condition until someone texted me.

As some of you know, I have an online calendar that allows prospects and clients to schedule a consultation or session at their convenience. Some days, I open my calendar and “Voila,” someone has made an appointment. Yet in the online Calendar of Life, have you ever wondered why “I think my wife wants a divorce,” or “I didn’t realize I needed surgery immediately” didn’t appear on the schedule?

We often can’t accurately predict what our future will look like, though we can certainly imagine what we’d want it to be. The Chinese actually have a 100-year plan for their economic development. That says a lot about their vision and confidence in their ability to create a strategic plan.

Your imagination is incredibly creative. But are you really willing to “own that belief?” Because if you are, I’d like to challenge you to stretch a little further this coming year regarding what you, yes YOU, really want to change, explore or implement in 2018. We all have our basic goals:

  • Be more organized,
  • Have a better budget plan,
  • Hang out with the kids more often, etc.

Here are a few ideas which have floated up to the surface:

  1. Build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in your backyard
  2. Learn more about edible plants in the forest while camping and backpacking
  3. Join a self-defense class for women
  4. Host a block party for your neighborhood to have fun and exchange resources
  5. “Invite yourself” to practice mindfulness…even for 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Allow your goals to be very personal. Hopefully, some of them will be fantastically fun…perhaps crazy fun!

Here’s one of mine: Take a water coloring class.

What do you want to change, explore or implement in 2018? I invite you to share one of your goals with me here.

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