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NLP Generative ProcessesBy now, many of you have learned the unique role Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) has played in providing insights into the many ways our brain gathers information about the world around us.

I explore a more sophisticated process which addresses how you’ll be able to perceive your outcome from many perspectives. This is no ordinary A-B-C presentation.  Instead: Think Star Trek or NLP Generative Processes.

Ground yourself into space where creativity enters

Imagine a scenario where a highly skilled scriptwriter has been contracted to write a script for a film where the main character contacts a person from civilization in the distant future. Following the tradition of NLP, the scriptwriter might, for example, literally “stand” on a piece of paper marked “Gandalf the Wizard” to gather potential insights into this character as if they were viewing it from Gandalf’s perspective. Why stand on a piece of paper, you ask? Because in NLP Generative Processes, this grounds you into space where creativity enters. Here, you access the old wizard’s values and visions.

Similarly, she may also stand on a sign marked “Benedict Cumberbatch,” to reflect on that actor’s potential in the role as Gandalf. Or, she may want to see herself through the eyes of someone with absolutely no association to the project whatsoever, as an observer, to assess her approach to the entire concept.

Resolve contradictions or conflicts with NLP Generative Processes

In our daily lives, sometimes we need access to different resources, whether creative or technical. At that moment, they appear to be beyond our reach. Accessing different resources is where someone steps into what is called The Future Marble, where you can locate resources from the future to help resolve contradictions or conflicts with the project in its current state.

There are many additional features to the NLP Generative Process, which aren’t included here when you approach how to work with unique ideas and concepts differently; many creative doors open to you.

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