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Rising to the Top with NLP

Nlp--Neuro linguistic ProgrammingWhat if I told you that if you studied how geniuses explore information in order to create astonishing new discoveries, it would boost your IQ at the same time. Would you be willing to try it?

That’s how Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) enhances any aspect of your learning process. It was created by highly successful therapists, including Richard Bandler, John Grinder, Fritz Perls (founder of Gestalt Therapy), Virginia Satir, and later, Dr. Milton Erickson.

The study of your subjective learning experience

NLP is best described as “the study of your subjective learning experience.” Think about, for example, how you actually retain information, through visual images, sound bites, kinesthetically (through touch and using your hands) or, a combination of all three learning modalities.

Often, we try to emulate someone else’s creative design or invention. However, if you have a true passion for learning, you often find yourself on your own trail. For example, Einstein didn’t do well in math in school. In fact, he was a non-conformist. He skipped class to work on highly complex problems at home. As he explained: “I played hooky a lot and studied the masters of theoretical physics with a holy zeal at home.” By the age of 15, he was focusing on complex algebraic formulas.

What I really wanted to provide you with is live footage of Dr. Richard Bandler in action curing football pro, Michael Strahan of his snake phobia.

Like hypnosis, NLP bypasses the resistance of the conscious mind and immediately circumvents any rational thought or approach to solving the problem. As you’ll see, Bandler already understands that Michael Strahan has stored specific memories of snakes in his mind which are terrifying to him. The amazing thing is that a phobia which has rendered a man helpless for years is resolved in a matter of minutes.

Many NLP processes are quite amazing and have a profound effect on the client

Take “The Logical Levels” process, for example. It enables the client to examine the new change they’re implementing in their life in the context of their:

  • Environment
  • Behavior in general
  • Personal Skills
  • Motivation
  • Beliefs
  • Core Identity
  • Vision

It’s an excellent tool for identifying where a person gets stuck in their life, whether it’s connected to a relationship, a career, health challenge or a major life transition.

Other processes, such as “Delete/Distort/Generalize” focus on how we communicate. Or to put it another way, how we avoid communicating specific information to our family, friends, and bosses. This is a fascinating look at how you feel about your actions and why you choose to not be more direct.

NLP is being especially celebrated this month in honor of its main founder, Dr. Richard Bandler. Feel free to check out here.

Dr. Bandler on Happiness

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