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Hypnosis for Pain

Hypnosis for PainDid you know that 80% of all chronic pain is stress-related and highly treatable? Persistent pain and discomfort are not only very debilitating, they can seriously affect your health, family and career.

Change the way your brain perceives pain

A common expression used in hypnotherapy is “If you change the Mind, you change the Brain, and thus, change the Pain.” Can we change the way the brain perceives pain? The answer is a definite “yes.” That’s why both the AMA, and National Institute of Health both endorse hypnotism as an effective approach in the treatment of pain management.

How specifically do you help me decrease my pain through hypnosis?

I help you become very deeply relaxed throughout your entire body. The endorphins produced by this deep hypnotic rest are key to providing you long-sought relief. Most importantly, it restores hope for the return to a more normal, and fulfilling life.

How many hypnosis for pain sessions will it take before I feel better?

I recommend 6 to 8 sessions in order to restore diminished discomfort. The number of sessions varies based upon the severity of the condition. Feel free to contact me to discuss your unique situation.

How do I get best results?

One of the extra bonuses provided to my clients is an MP3 or CD recording of each session. Listening to your hypnosis for pain session recording is very important to your commitment to follow through. This particularly applies to clients seeking pain relief. The suggestions you receive while in hypnosis take deeper root as you listen several times. Sometimes even listening to a recording once or twice a day produces great results.

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