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Hypnotherapy for Children

hypnosis childrenNaturally, all children go through stressful periods in their life. Issues such as:

  • Beginning school,
  • Rejection from friends,
  • Sibling rivalry and
  • Conflict with their parents

can be very anxiety producing. There are many reasons a parent might seek out a solution to support their child through stress and other challenges.

Children do well with hypnotherapy

The good news is that a child’s innately creative mind allows them to be excellent hypnotic subjects. Everyone knows how imaginative children can be. In the midst of a noisy living room, they can imagine themselves inside a medieval castle, or driving a racecar in the Indy 500. Tapping into a child’s innate creativity can allow them to easily overcome their challenges, without having to undergo unnecessary struggle, or years of therapy.

What are common pediatric challenges that you treat through hypnosis?

The most common reasons parents seek hypnotherapy for children include:

  • Bed-wetting (“enuresis”)
  • Social anxiety
  • Obsessive picking one’s skin
  • Symptoms of ADHD (such as being hyperactive)
  • Lack of confidence
  • Fear of sleeping alone

What is a typical hypnotherapy for children consultation and session like?

I always invite the parent(s) to sit in on the consultation. The parent’s perspective provides the background context for the visit, while I patiently ask questions and build rapport with the child. Once trust has been established, a consensus is built amongst us regarding my recommended treatment approach.

How many hypnotherapy for children sessions are normally included?

It varies greatly between children, based upon their commitment to the process, as well as the complexity of the condition itself. Some actually only require 1 session, while others require 3-4 sessions.

How do I get best results with hypnotherapy for children?

One of the extra bonuses I provide all of my clients is an MP3 or CD recording of each hypnotherapy for children session. Being diligent about having your child listen to their session recording several times is very important to their commitment to follow through.  For children, even listening to the recording right before going to sleep can be helpful, especially when addressing enuresis. As the suggestions they receive while in hypnosis takes deeper root, their self-confidence becomes much stronger.

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