Our Privacy Policy outlines how Inner Pathway Hypnosis manages, uses, and protects information from users (“Users”) of the https://innerpathwayhypnosis.com/ website (“Site”).

Collection of Personal Information

We might gather personal details from Users in different scenarios: site visits, registrations, form completions, or via other Site resources and services. Users might provide details like their name, email, phone number, etc.

Visiting our Site can be done anonymously. We only gather personal details if Users willingly provide them. However, not providing certain information might restrict Site-related functionalities.

Non-Personal Information Collection

Interactions on our Site might lead to the collection of non-specific user data. This could encompass browser type, computer specifications, and other technical details regarding the user’s connection method, like the OS and internet providers.

Usage of Cookies

To elevate the User’s experience, our Site may utilize “cookies”. These are stored on Users’ devices by their web browsers for various purposes, including tracking. Users have the option to decline cookies via their browser settings, but this might disrupt certain Site features.

Purpose of Collected Data

Inner Pathway Hypnosis utilizes collected information to:

  • Enhance customer support efficiency.
  • Personalize the user journey and understand service and resource usage patterns.
  • Develop our Site based on received feedback.
  • Communicate through periodic emails, addressing questions and more.

Data Safety Measures

We’ve instituted rigorous practices and security protocols to safeguard your data, preventing unwarranted access, changes, disclosure, or eradication of stored data.

No Sharing of Personal Details

We don’t commercialize, barter, or lease out Users’ specific details. We might, however, share broad, non-specific demographic data (unconnected to personal details) with our partners and trusted entities for previously mentioned reasons.

Links to External Sites

Our Site may showcase content or ads that link to our partner sites and services.