Benefits of hypnosis, reviewed.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Helps Maximize Your Brain Power

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Helps Maximize Your Brain Power

In recent years, a powerful hypnosis technique called Quantum Healing Hypnosis has been gaining popularity as a way to promote deep healing on multiple levels.

But what exactly is this unique approach and how does it differ from traditional hypnotherapy? This article will explore the origins, principles and processes behind QHHT, shining light on this innovative method.

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis (QHH), also referred to as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT), is a trademarked hypnosis method developed in the 1990s by renowned hypnotherapist and regressionist Dolores Cannon.

Cannon, considered a pioneer in her field, created Quantum Healing Hypnosis based on decades of experience using hypnosis for past life regression and healing purposes. Her extensive research led her to realize the tremendous healing potential that lies dormant within each person’s subconscious mind.

QHH provides a means of tapping into this inner wisdom of the subconscious and higher consciousness, well beyond the limits of the conscious mind. Cannon trademarked her specific process as QHHT, but the general principles of using hypnosis to access universal consciousness for healing has been known for centuries.

The Science behind Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Science behind quantum healing hypnosis

While the terminology sounds complex, QHH is based on some simple powerful concepts. Quantum physics has demonstrated that everything in the universe is connected at the subatomic level through an invisible energy field. This quantum field contains all the answers we seek.

Consciousness itself is also now understood to transcend the brain, existing everywhere at once. QHH allows a person to quiet their conscious, analytical mind so their consciousness can align with this vast quantum field of wisdom.

In this state, all knowledge and creativity become available. The client is able to identify emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that cause illness and stagnation. Powerful healing can then occur on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.

The Benefits of Quantum Healing Hypnosis

Some key benefits reported by those who undergo QHHT include:

  • Accessing wisdom and insights from the higher consciousness
  • Identifying root causes of physical and emotional conditions
  • Healing of chronic health issues
  • Cellular and DNA healing and regeneration
  • Releasing limiting beliefs, fears or phobias
  • Exploring past lives and spiritual purpose
  • Experiencing higher states of consciousness and oneness
  • Gaining clarity and answers related to life path and relationships
  • Resolving trauma and its effects across lifetimes

The applications of Quantum Healing Hypnosis are extremely broad, with potential to positively impact most areas of life.

Understanding the Subconscious Mind

Central to the power of QHH is communication with the subconscious mind. According to Cannon’s research, the subconscious holds immense wisdom and creativity far beyond ordinary conscious awareness. It can directly access information through the quantum field.

By relaxing into a deeply focused, receptive state called somnambulism, the client allows the hypnotherapist to begin a dialogue with their subconscious mind. Unlike the conscious mind which filters information through logic and prejudice, the subconscious provides direct higher guidance to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit.

How Does QHH Work?

A session of QHH is a collaborative process between the client and the certified practitioner. It includes the following basic steps:

  • The client documents their health goals, life challenges and metaphysical questions they would like addressed.
  • The hypnotherapist conducts an interview to better understand the client’s situation and intention for the session.
  • Relaxation and visualization techniques are used to guide the client into the somnambulistic trance state where the subconscious mind can be accessed. This state feels peaceful and meditative.
  • The practitioner asks the subconscious insight-based questions on behalf of the client, determines root causes of issues and facilitates an inner healing dialogue.
  • Information, metaphors and imagery arise from the subconscious mind to promote transformation emotionally, physically and spiritually. Forgiveness, higher perspectives and profound insights typically emerge.
  • The client emerges feeling refreshed, with a new sense of direction and control over their health and life path.
  • Recordings allow reflection on metaphors, advice and past life memories that arose during the QHHT session.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis vs. Traditional Hypnotherapy

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Traditional Hypnotherapy
Accesses the subconscious mind directly Makes changes through the conscious mind
Regards the subconscious as all-knowing Does not directly access the subconscious
Aims to shift perception, beliefs, and patterns held subconsciously Focuses on changing behavioral habits
Facilitates inner healing dialogue with Higher Self Hypnotherapist provides suggestions
Provides guidance and insights from Higher Consciousness Does not contact Higher Consciousness
Heals root causes on mental, emotional, physical, spiritual levels Treats specific symptoms or habits
Explores past lives and higher purpose Does not explore past lives or higher purpose
Focuses on aligning conscious and subconscious minds Works within the conscious mind

The Role of the QHHT Practitioner

It is vital that Quantum Healing Hypnosis be conducted only by an experienced professional certified directly through Dolores Cannon’s organization. This guarantees they understand the well-defined procedures developed by Cannon to achieve the somnambulistic state and establish contact with the Higher Self.

Trust between client and practitioner is critical. The hypnotherapist’s duty is guiding the client into a properly focused state where their own inner wisdom can come forth. The practitioner asks questions on the client’s behalf and facilitates this profound inner dialogue toward healing.

Common Misconceptions about Quantum Healing Hypnosis

There are a few common misconceptions worth clarifying regarding QHHT:

  • It is NOT the same as normal hypnosis or guided meditation. The somnambulistic trance state achieved through Cannon’s method allows much deeper access to Higher Consciousness.
  • No suggestion or visualization is implanted by the hypnotherapist – all imagery and insights arise from within the client for their highest interest.
  • It does NOT involve mind control or leaving your body. You remain fully present with total free will.
  • The subconscious offers guidance, not prophecy. The future is always subject to free will.

Is QHH Right for You?

There are a few key prerequisites to get the most out of the QHHT process:

  • A sincere desire for healing, self-knowledge and desire to access your inner wisdom
  • Listing your most important questions and life challenges to address
  • Openness to engage in deep relaxation and trust the process
  • Willingness to receive insights that may challenge limiting beliefs and ego

If you have a strong inner drive toward transformation and aligning with your Higher Self purpose, Quantum Healing Hypnosis can be immensely helpful. It complements other spiritual practices as well.

Exploring Quantum Healing Hypnosis Further

For those captivated by the life-changing potential of harnessing their Higher Consciousness for healing, here are some recommended resources:

1. Books by Dolores Cannon: “The Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth“: In this book, Dolores Cannon presents a series of case studies from clients who, under hypnosis, have recalled being volunteers who came to Earth to assist with the planet’s transition and healing.

Between Death and Life – Conversations with a Spirit“: An exploration of the death experience and the spirit realms, based on Cannon’s work with clients during hypnotic sessions.

2. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Academy – Official training programs and practitioner directory

3. YouTube Quantum Healing Hypnosis – Videos explaining Quantum Healing Hypnosis


The opportunity to achieve profound levels of healing through aligning the conscious mind with your all-knowing subconscious awaits you. With an open heart and receptivity to this discovery process, Quantum Healing Hypnosis can help rewrite limiting patterns and reconnect you with your highest purpose.

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