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regression hypnotherapyOver my years of practice, I’ve had many opportunities to work with clients who suffered from abuse, neglect, and bullying from a childhood friend, partner or parent.

While some were able to heal the wounds of childhood and rebuild a new life, others searched for new ways to bridge the communication gap with their parent, spouse or friend. How do we learn to truly forgive so we can move forward and dispel the shadows of the past?

Release through Regression Hypnotherapy

Regression hypnotherapy can help you release the emotional charge behind the experience that wounded you. Although this can be very successful, the cognitive brain can occasionally hold on to the reason for the wound, thereby causing obsessive thinking.

Instead of reviewing the past over and over, what if we approached practicing forgiveness towards others as a natural, inherently respectful process? What has arisen out of this concept is called Metta Meditation, or Loving Kindness Meditation. When practicing Metta, you’re creating goodwill towards others. You’re putting aside your biases and opinions while approaching others with an open heart.

Over time, a person can go deeper into their practice of Loving Kindness.

  • The first step is to invoke thoughts and prayers of goodwill towards yourself, i.e.: “May I be safe from harm, and able to help others.” Like a pebble tossed into a pool, these thoughts raise greater awareness of positive opportunities.
  • The second step involves invoking kindness towards one’s friends. “I ask for health, safety, and happiness of my friends and neighbors.” “May my relatives live in happiness and peace.”
  • At each phase, additional effort is extended to meditate upon those further from your inner circle. Here, one meditates upon “neutral beings”, ie: those who come and go in your life; not people you know well, but rather those who make a neutral impression upon you. You might express, “Though I don’t know you well, we may share similar challenges in life.”
  • As one goes deeper, they address an adversary; someone who may have caused them harm in some way. We all know people like this; and the point is to pray for those who’ve caused pain, either to you and/or your community, including local institutions. Allow your prayer to go deeper to those who’ve been in pain themselves.
  • Finally, we extend ourselves to all living beings in the entire universe. Now it’s time to emanate the energy of Metta Meditation from our deepest selves. “May all beings be radiant and serve the highest interests of Creation.” Imagine yourself as a lighthouse, extending your reach in all directions.

“May we complete the great journey of awakening.”  And may you deepen your forgiveness of others.

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