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Hypnosis for Stress and Panic Attacks

Hypnosis for StressStress is what happens when you have to handle more than what you’re normally used to. Your body, sensing an imminent threat, goes into a “fight or flight” response mode, creating additional hormones that speed up your heart, and cause you to breathe faster.

Stress can weaken your immune system

Over time, stress can weaken your immune system, cause headaches, depression, and panic attacks that make you vulnerable to more serious illnesses. Some experience trauma related to abuse, while others experience extreme fear of specific situations such as seeing a spider, being enclosed in tight spaces or flying on planes. Your relationships may also suffer, as well as your performance at work or at school.

Why hypnosis for stress?

Well, with hypnosis for stress, your brain becomes more relaxed. This, in turn, relaxes your nervous system and frees up more mental space. Often as a result of hypnotherapy, clients experience intuitive insights enabling you to feel more comfortable and calm in the situations we address, decreasing or eliminating your anxiety.

How do you help me become freer of stress?

Einstein once said, “A problem is never solved at the level it was created.” Many people experience a high degree of stress when they think they are stuck and without options in their current situation. Have you ever felt that way? When you rise above a challenging situation, you see things more clearly, and more options become available. 

I work with you using different creative processes to enhance your awareness of how you think and your reaction to feeling out of control and without choices. Once in hypnosis for stress, these new perspectives will be absorbed more deeply.

Can hypnosis for stress treat PTSD and phobias?

Clients who’ve been subjected to traumatic experiences such as PTSD or extreme fear of spiders, flying, or claustrophobia etc., are not treated with hypnotherapy during their first visit Instead, I practice a different, highly-effective technique that neutralizes the way your brain perceived the traumatic experience. This process effectively stops negative, obsessive thoughts and feelings of helplessness. Later hypnotherapy is used to reinforce their new perspective.

How do I get best results?

One of the extra bonuses I provide all of my clients is an MP3 or CD recording of each hypnosis for stress session. Listening to your session recording is very important to your commitment to follow through. The suggestions you receive while in hypnosis take deeper root as you listen several times. Although the actual approach is covered more specifically once we work together, in general they include: engaging in other processes such as mindfulness, listening to calming music and even yoga.

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