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So the last thing I am is one of these “woo woo: people — into alternative medicine, checking my “chakras”, meditating, in  touch with my inner self…. just not me.  So when I first met Katie at a business event, I thought, “Oh, that’s nice that she helps folks through hypnosis, but not my thing”.

But a few months ago, Katie was speaking at a networking event about “Brain Working Recursive Therapy”  (BWRT … Google it, really).  And I thought, huh, that’s not too “woo-woo”.  So I thought, what the hey…. let’s see if she can help me with public interface.

So I went to see Katie and she used this new BWRT technique and I was amazed.  She didn’t hypnotize me or do any digging into my life, but simply helped me get a handle on everything.  And apparently it is working out for me.  If  you are in the public eye, sales, giving talks, etc.,  and need some help in presentation, socialization or comfort level, I suggest you see Katie and give this BWRT technique a shot.  Really paid off for me!

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