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I sought Katie out to help me get over a lifelong phobia (I prefer not to disclose specifics) after an occurrence at work and a traumatic experience on vacation in NY. I was in desperate need of help, but skeptical as I’d have this deep rooted fear for as long as I could remember. I was at a critical impasse – my fear was affecting my quality of life. I was unsure if meeting with her would give me any peace. I had 3 sessions in November and an unexpected amount of tears. I waited to write a review so I could gain a bit of perspective.

It feels strange to say it because I truly wasn’t expecting it, but I don’t feel like a prisoner to my phobia anymore. I have had roughly 10 events happen since our meetings that would have shut me down and put me into tears, that didn’t. I still don’t like the things that created my phobia, but I no longer feel paralyzed. I’m not sure how to thank Katie for giving me a gift I never expected to receive…freedom. Katie is kind, patience and compassionate – if you need help finding peace or freedom from fear, call Katie Ramseur.


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