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“Hypnosis really worked for me. I was actually developing panic attacks before getting on flights. My job involved travel, and I found myself getting anxious a few days before my flight, anxious about everything…getting packed, where I would sit on the plane, taking off…just everything. A good friend recommended I see Katie. First, she answered all my questions about hypnosis, and how, why and when it could help me. Finally, over a few sessions, hypnosis helped me gain confidence that I, myself, could learn how to control these anxieties. We scheduled the second session the day before my next out of town trip. Suddenly, the things that I was most preoccupied about seemed less important, and that familiar panicky feeling seemed diminished. I began to have a completely different experience of flight travel, and genuinely relaxed on the plane for the first time in years. Katie did a terrific job of showing me how accessing my subconscious mind could help shift my entire view of myself. I truly feel like a different person.”

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