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“Katie has been an invaluable partner on my recent path in healing. I sought out a practitioner who could help me to better manage stress due to chronic pain I have experienced over the last several years. She has assisted me in uncovering and discovering many of my heart’s desires and reconnecting to the core of myself. Her ability to listen to the specifics of one’s needs and interests helps to expedite the process and I found my time working with her was incredibly efficient and impactful. Having my “homework” recordings of our sessions to use at home really makes the work penetrate. She has quite an arsenal of creative tools she works with that is very personalized to each clients needs. I am so grateful for finding her and look forward to our continued growth together. She is an exceptional coach and catalyst for integrating body, mind and spirit.

After our first session I noticed a definate shift and continue to experience a better quality of life, awareness and more joy in my body.”

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