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“When I first came to Katie’s office, some six weeks ago, for the free initial consultation, I didn’t know quite what to expect. All I knew was that my life was too stressful for me to deal with; that I wanted to relieve that stress while increasing my sense of self-confidence (specifically, get over my shyness); and I wanted to find, most fundamentally, some sense of peace and balance. Katie — as warm, generous and welcoming in person as her online presence suggested she was — took the time during that first meeting to give me a sampling of what a regular session would be like, and I left her office feeling hopeful for the first time in — well, I don’t know how long. After a couple of weekly sessions, I’m now going every two weeks. The belief — not mere hope now — that things can get better has only grown.

To put it simply, Katie is intelligent, well-trained, experienced, and intuitive. She listens, knowing what questions to ask, and truly appreciating one’s responses. Based on those responses, she then carefully, elegantly tailors an approach that will suit that particular client, while giving them tools, starting with that very first session, that they can take away with them and use anywhere, anytime. Along the way, she helps one understand that we each have a wealth of internal resources, and then helps one to access and use them.

In short, for the first time in my life — at the age of 61! — I have the sense of getting in touch with who I am. That wouldn’t be happening if not for Katie Ramseur.”

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