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90% of people who come to see me don’t know what hypnotherapy is.  What they do know is they want to make a change.  As you read this right now, you know you want to make a change, and you’re aware that resources are out there to make it happen.

So today’s post is all about answering the top 3 questions about what hypnotherapy is, and what it takes to take the next step so you can get the help you need.
The very first question that everyone asks is “How does the process of hypnosis actually work?” Hypnosis is a very heightened state of awareness that you reach through deep relaxation. Once your analytical mind is relaxed, I’m able to guide you, through the use of positive suggestions and metaphors, to reframe negative perceptions of outdated beliefs and behaviors. Once these are dispelled from your subconscious mind, you develop a heightened awareness of your true feelings, whether it concerns either a past or present experience.

The second most common question is…..you guessed it! “Katie, will you make me cluck like a chicken?” Absolutely not. As a certified hypnotherapist I have a strong code of ethics. I’m here to help you be your absolute best self . My work involves guiding your subconscious to release sabotaging thoughts and behaviors, while replacing them with more empowering strategies.
Besides, you have your own principles which you’d never violate. (ie would you show up at work dressed in a tiger costume?) If you answered a resounding “No!,” this means you’d never respond to any suggestion contrary to your core beliefs.

I run into people while travelling all over the country, who often ask me “How do I choose a good hypnotherapist?” Here’s both a suggestion and a question: What qualities do you want someone to possess whose mission is to help you make an important change in your life? Some characteristics that spring to mind include being a good listener, being sensitive to your personal need for help, and displaying a broad knowledge of hypnosis, including how to address your unique situation. And above all, making sure they are fully certified in hypnotherapy by a physical college (not an online institution).

Hopefully by now you’re aware that when using hypnosis, changes to your personal behavior and beliefs are experienced as a result of reaching heightened self-awareness through deep relaxation, and that certified hypnotists practice high ethical standards preventing any violation of your personal codes of conduct. Finally, consider the qualities and values you’re seeking in the hypnotherapist who will help you achieve successful results. It will be well worth the effort.

Are there any other questions lingering in your mind that you’d like to ask? If so, post them below, and I’ll respond to them shortly.

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