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Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Treatment for Alcohol Addiction

Research has revealed that excessive alcohol consumption is the third leading cause of death in the United States, followed by death from smoking cigarettes and cigars and obesity.  88,000 Americans die from overconsumption of alcohol yearly. The treatment for alcohol addiction can help you live longer.

Alcohol can lower anxiety, but it can also exacerbate verbal conflicts

As the adage goes, “You can’t just drink one. For most, it’s challenging to limit yourself to just one drink of wine, whisky, or beer. Also, consuming alcohol fulfills many needs in a person’s life: It can lower your anxiety and work stress and help you relax at the end of a long day. On the other hand, it can exacerbate verbal conflicts, leading to confrontations, bullying, and mistreatment of spouses and children.

I don’t have a problem

Like any addiction, a person can attempt to rationalize that they don’t have a problem, that everything’s under control. However, when disruptions occur with your boss, spouse/significant other, or best friend, it may be time to seek help from a professional to treat alcohol addiction.

BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy)

Hypnotherapy has been used as a vehicle to help some clients in the treatment for alcohol addiction. Over the past two years, however, I have discovered that BWRT (Brain Working Recursive Therapy) has been even more useful for treating clients who are over-indulging in alcohol.

BWRT begins with the assumption that once we feel overwhelmed with repetitive thoughts (i.e., the fear of not receiving a promotion, fear of speaking before a large audience, etc.), our Reptilian Brain spins out of control, causing even greater anxiety. BWRT short-circuits this “fight or flight” response, enabling the client to visualize how they genuinely want to feel and behave once relieved of the burden of feeling helpless.*

Addiction, however, profoundly affects the ego and personality of the abuser.  We’ve seen it clearly in drug and alcohol users’ psychological characteristics compared to how they behaved before the addiction. Therefore, it’s essential to empower the client to address their perceptions of themselves across the spectrum of their past, present, and future life.

BWRT offers results in the treatment for alcohol addiction

I have worked with many clients who suffered from alcoholism and have had excellent results due to using BWRT. Occasionally, I have stayed in touch with specific clients and am rewarded to hear of their continued confidence in embracing a new, wholesome lifestyle.

*Please visit BWRT.org to learn more about this highly effective modality out of the UK.

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