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In part one, I discussed Terence Watts’ unique theory concerning who our Ancient Ancestors were. Including how they lived and how they exhibited unique traits across three distinctly different behavioral groups (Warriors, Settlers, and Nomads).

To recap:Warriors, Settlers & Nomads

  • Warriors are decisive, strategic thinkers, and determined to reach their goals.
  • Settlers are outgoing, sociable, and creative. They also seek approval from others.
  • Nomads are independently-minded, creative, and are resistant to authority.

Here’s where the fun (or the challenge) comes in –  and why the Warriors, Settlers and Nomads concept (WSN for short) is so revealing.

Here’s an example of the Warriors, Settlers, Nomads Concept

My neighbor’s daughter, who was adopted at age 2, turned out to be largely a Nomad. She had difficulty with authority both at school and at home. As a teenager, she ran away from home frequently, sometimes staying away for days on end.

Meanwhile, her mother became more assertive and protective, as a Warrior would. They often clashed, as the Warrior mom was doing her best to protect a Nomad girl who neither wanted nor needed protection. Once I explained the inherent conflict between a Warrior mother and Nomadic daughter, she became more understanding and began to use language that a Nomad would be more inclined to accept, thereby diminishing conflict.

Learning WSN can empower you and enhance your communication skills in the following situations…

  1. You’re a Settler boss, but you have a Warrior employee. How do you keep him motivated while preventing conflict with other employees?
  2. You can be a Settler amongst your friends and family, but a Warrior at work. A friend of mine works in the IT Department for a well-known company in Portland.  She’s a Warrior at her job. However, her boss is a Nomad. The boss is unsure of herself and often defers to her team for suggestions, yet she won’t utilize their ideas. This drives my friend crazy. With a very insecure Nomad for a boss, I advised her, it might be time to look elsewhere for a new job.

The Warriors, Settlers, Nomads concept is an excellent tool for helping improve your communication with others as well as helping you adopt new traits that weren’t part of your inherited traits.

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