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Work Stress

work stressMaintaining Confidence and
Balance in a Corporate Environment

Twenty years ago, people worked an eight-hour day, then went home, cooked dinner and relaxed before bed. There was not as much work stress. At that time the internet barely existed. In fact, the company where I worked used AOL to communicate with their clients.

There is a New Normal in Corporate America

Today is a very different story. Employees are expected to check their work email after hours, including on weekends. In addition, they expect employees to respond to a high volume of emails every evening, and work several hours on weekends to maintain pace with the workflow. While this is the “new normal” in corporate America, it’s taken a heavy toll on the quality of life with an increase of work stress, from corporate VP’s to mid-level management, and on down the line.

Identifying Stress Points for Corporate Clients

I’ve discovered that my 11 years of working for an independent market research firm has given me a unique insight into supporting clients under huge pressure in their corporate positions. Through initial conversations I identify the major work stress points in my client’s day-today schedule, including: client deliverables, project designs, reports, team meetings, client/team communications etc.  When pressure is increased to meet deadlines early, often the employee’s quality of life outside of work takes a hit.

I Can Help You Reduce Your Stress Level

The therapeutic value of lowering the client’s work stress level can have the net effect of enabling them to sleep and eat better, get some exercise, and maintain a healthier balance between work and family life. The use of NLP and hypnosis processes help provide insights into improving relationships with other employees, including management.

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