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Hypnosis for Learning DisabilitiesIf you’ve ever spent time discussing education with friends who are teachers and principals, it’s no surprise to learn that the incidence of learning disabilities among children in the US is about 10%. The spectrum ranges from being dyslexic to having symptoms of ADD and ADHD as well as autism.

According to the psychologist, Susan Baum, Ph.D., “Everything in school is about reading and writing. This amounts to a kind of educational abuse of students whose talents are in other areas.” In other words, pay attention to what subjects really get your child excited about in school.

Children with learning disabilities have very special gifts

In many cases, children with learning disabilities have very special gifts, because they view the world from a different vantage point. My grandson, Jaivion, is ADHD, yet he’s very gifted as a drummer. A child with ADD may immerse themselves in a sophisticated design for towns with mega blocks for hours.

Many famous artists struggled with health issues or learning disabilities, only to create brilliant works of art. For example, Van Gogh was Bi-Polar while Michelangelo sculpted and painted despite having a painful gout condition.

Slow down the child’s thought process

I’ve used hypnotherapy with these talented children to empower them to slow down their thought processes as best as they can. Often, they fall asleep, and amidst the rhythm of hypnotic stories, they process the inner messages being transmitted. The increase in frontal lobe activity boosts their confidence, enabling them to be less angry, and think more calmly.

Meanwhile, new processes in BWRT are being developed for these kids, which I plan to utilize within the next year.

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